Our Mission

"We will deliver a positive spiritual experience for each player, coach, and family, regardless of the outcome of the game. Our goal is to develop strong young men and women who, through participation in our program, will develop into better students, better athletes, and most importantly, better individuals."


About our program

St. Mary Fighting Irish was Football founded 1926 in Woodstock, IL. We strive to provide young student athletes the opportunity to develop disciplined life skills through faith, family, friends, the game of football and cheerleading. Our athletes come from the McHenry County area. We welcome all athletes regardless of what school they attend now or what high school they will attend in the future. Our program is supported by Marian Central Catholic High School and Woodstock High School. We are the oldest youth football program in Woodstock, IL. 

​We use football and cheerleading as a vehicle to teach our players about the values of loyalty, honesty, commitment, work ethic, sportsmanship, pride, integrity, and discipline while preparing them for the demands and expectations they will encounter when competing at the high school level.