Ages and weights

·             The Weights for the 2022 season

        ·     1&2 Grade –  75 lbs.

        ·     3&4 Grade –  95 lbs.

        ·     5th Grade –  115 lbs.

          ·     6th Grade –  135 lbs.

        ·     7th Grade –  150 lbs.

        ·     8th Grade –  170 lbs.


  ·        If a player does not make the SEYFA Jamboree, the first game of the season or the “Last Call Weigh-In” in Westosha on the first Tues or Wed following week 1 to have weight verified, they cannot be a ball carrier for the season.  Weigh-ins can be taken with equipment or in shorts. Equipment includes helmets, shoulder pads, shoes, jersey pants with pads, etc. Players should not exercise unhealthy risks or unsafe measures to make weight as a ball carrier. As stated in the SEYFA rules, all Coaches must use good safe and ethical decisions when monitoring all players’ health. (If a player weighs in with equipment and is declared over the ball carrier limit, they will have 5 minutes to remove equipment and weigh in one last time.)