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USA Football 2-Minute Drill with Shadowman Sports: Running game drills

In this session, USA Football Senior Manager of Education and Training Andy Ryland shows running backs how to fight off would-be tacklers and secure the ball, and shows defenders how to zero in on a back in the open field.

1. Defeating Tackle Drill for Running Backs with ShadowDrive

Here, the running back lines up on the hash marks to keep straight. The coach uses the ShadowDrive in front of the ball carrier, who must lower with the same foot and shoulder, then drive through the bag and finish with a rip with the free arm

2. Ball Security Drill for Running Backs with ShadowDrive and ShadowBlock

Lined up five yards away, the ball carrier runs straight to the ShadowBlock and jump-cuts, using proper technique. The coach uses the ShadowDrive to punch at the ball to test for proper grip.

3. Change Direction Drill for Defenders with Shadowman Junior

Two coaches pull the bag in one direction, then simulate a cut, like a running back. The defender must use correct form, based on the bag's position.

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