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Alumni Spotlight

From the humble beginnings of a water- boy for the Heavyweight team, Mike Brasile’s football journey started with St. Mary’s, weaved its way through a State Championship in 1997, 4-years of college football at Augustana College and a Conference Championship. All-Conference, All-State, All-Area, MVP, Team Captain are all title’s that Coach Brasile held as a player which led him to a career in football that spans over 30 years. Recently Coach Brasile was named Head Football coach with the Blue Streaks at Woodstock High School, his alma mater, returning to WHS, where he coached until 2011, after holding positions with both Leyden High School and Hampshire High School (Head Coach). It all started with the St. Mary’s Fighting Irish in 1989, so Coach Brasile took the time to answer a few questions on his career, youth sports and the great sport of football:

What do you remember about St. Mary's football? “I remember playing at Marian Central High School on Sundays, at that time MCC had won a few state championships and I remember thinking how cool it was to play on the same field as the Hartlieb brothers. I also remember in 6th grade weighing 119 1/2lbs and playing the first game as a light weight then turning around and playing in the 2nd game as a heavy weight, I just wanted to be on the field all day!”

What do you want to tell the football families at St. Mary? “First, football is a game that is unparalleled, the lessons learned about teamwork, dedication, perseverance, and determination isn't the same as playing basketball, baseball, soccer, or another sport, it is greatest sport ever invented. It is sad to see so many parents reluctant to have the young boys participate in the sport because I fully believe the benefits far outweigh the costs, or the chances of serious injury, most of my memories of grade school, high school and college revolve around the game of football. I couldn't imagine my life without the friends, families, teammates, coaches, and role models; I have gotten to know through this great game. Youth sports are so important because it teaches the fundamentals of the game and establishes a love of the game. It also is important in world of obesity, technology and over security, for kids to get out and compete, run, play and be a part of something greater than them.”

What do you want to say to the kids in youth sports in general? “Have fun and love every minute you play sports, you won't always be able to play. The friends you make while playing sports are going to some of your best friends for the rest of your life. Cherish every moment they are memories you will have forever.

Any advice for kids who want to graduate to High School and even college football? “First you need to define your goals; what do you want to accomplish in the game of football? Write down those goals and then work tirelessly to accomplish those goals. Also, be discipline enough to make choices that push you towards those goals, instead of sitting and watching TV or playing video games, go out for a run, Instead of eating fast food and drinking pop, eat a healthy meal and drink water or milk. Don't let anyone stop you from obtaining your dream and goals; this is important not only in football but all in life. Focus on what you can control and to it to the best of your ability.”


You can learn more about St. Mary Youth Football www.stmaryfootball.com

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