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13 Former St. Mary Youth Football Players Receive Academic Awards

On behalf of St. Mary Youth, we want to recognize this year’s former football players on their academic achievement awards. We’re very proud of the following players for the awards.


Presidential Education Award – Seniors receive this award for outstanding academic excellence throughout their high schoolyears by maintaining a cumulative 3.5 Grade Point Average

IHSA – Juniors and seniors who participated in Illinois High School Association Interscholastic Activities such as approved varsity sports, musical solo and ensemble competitions, and Scholastic Bowl competitions while maintaining a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.5 or above are awarded.

ESCC Scholar Athlete – Top 20 (10 boys/10 girls) Senior varsity student athletes with the highest cumulative GPA.


Matthew Darbro - Presidential Award, IHSA Football, IHSA Soccer

Tyler Gillum - Presidential Award, IHSA Baseball, IHSA Cross Country

A.J. Golembiewski - Presidential Award, IHSA Football, IHSA Baseball, IHSA Basketball

Kevin Herbst - Presidential Award, IHSA Football, IHSA Basketball

Michael Hucek - Top 10% of the Senior Class, Presidential Award, IHSA Basketball, IHSA Lacrosse, IHSA Bass Fishing, ESCC Scholar Athlete

Connor Kelly - Presidential Award, IHSA Football

Patrick Kelly, IHSA Track and Field

Anthony Ledig, IHSA Football

Thorsen Paglialong, ISHA Football, IHSA Lacrosse, IHSA Wrestling

Steven Pinter - Presidential Award, IHSA Football

Jake Potthoff - Presidential Award, IHSA Football, IHSA Lacrosse, ESCC Scholar Athlete

Jonathan Preston - ISHA Football, IHSA Basketball

Ryan St. Clair - Presidential Award IHSA Football

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