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Alumni Spotlight - Jared Churak

If you were to pull out of the parking lot at George Harding field and head directly northwest for 4 hours or so, you will find yourself at Carson Park, the home of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Bluegolds and Jared Churak.

Jared is the current starting cornerback for the (2-2) Bluegolds as a sophomore, who compete in the very competitive WIAC, were legendary DIII powerhouses play. It started at a young age for Churak, making his way through youth football, then Marian Central (class of 2017), where he was a standout 3-sport athlete, “lettering” in football, baseball and basketball as well as receiving all-conference ESCL honors in 2016. Jared sat down to chat about football and college life as well as football Saturdays in Eau-Claire.​

So tell me about you football journey:

“I was six years old when I started playing flag football and started tackle football when I was eight. I started tackle football with the Algonquin Argonauts and I played quarterback and linebacker.I really loved baseball but my older brother had convinced me to start football and I fell in love with it.I loved scoring touchdowns, my favorite memory was my first touchdown in tackle football on a QB boot.”

You just started your second season with the UW-EC Bluegolds what have you already learned about playing football at the next level both last year and this season:

“The game is so fast at the next level. You cannot have any wasted movements or any hesitation. The most important thing is playing as fast and physical as you possibly can.”

What was the most difficult thing about balancing with school and sports in college:

“It is hard balancing college football with academics especially with a major like mine, biology. You just have to prioritize everything day by day.”

What advice can you give the upcoming freshman who will be playing for the Marian Central Hurricanes…any survival tips:

“Your opportunity will come, and the grind will all be worth it.”

What is one thing that you learned in youth football, that you still commit to and/or practice on the college football field:

“Get better each day and each practice and you will see a tremendous difference in yourself.”

What is one thing you find yourself being homesick for:

“Home cooked meals for sure and watching the Packers with my family.”

How does your faith fit play a role in your life both on and off the field:

“I’m never worried about being injured because I know that God is with me each and every time I step onto the field: but if I do get injured I also know God will get me through it.”

How does Saturday game day compare with ‪Friday night-lights:

“I miss playing with my best friends under those Friday night lights. Those are definitely some of my favorite memories.

There will never be anything like Friday night lights so do not take that for granted. But Saturday game day is something else. Everything seems to be magnified. Game day at Carson Park (Eau Claire) is the best atmosphere in the WIAC. Everybody there is invested in winning, especially our record-breaking marching band. Game day at Carson Park is something very special.”

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